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Why is upgrading your website to be ADA Compliant important?

For forever, it has been difficult for people with disabilities to access many things. From travel to shopping, everything is difficult for them because we’re inconsiderate and unbothered.
We’ve evolved some things for them, but it’s time we change that more and be inclusive with our businesses, websites, and everything.
As a result of the pandemic, everything is online; we see so many posts and business websites, access them for our daily lives, and more. But have you ever considered how difficult it might be for someone with a disability to access the same things we can so easily access?

Here’s some data regarding disability and accessibility which you need to know in 2021
– 59.6% of the U.S. population with disabilities were living in a household with internet access (Statista)
– 23% percent of disabled respondents say they “never” go online (Pew Research)
– In the U.S., there are currently about 56.7 million Americans with a disability (Census Bureau).
– Around 80 million people in the European Union (E.U.) currently have a disability (europarl.europa.eu)
– By 2060 the number of people 65 or older is expected to double to 98 million (APA)
– In the APAC region, approximately 20% of Australians have a disability (AIHW)
– According to WHO statistics. 217 million people worldwide have moderate to severe vision impairment, which is forecasted to triple from 36 million to 115 million by 2050 (WHO)
– Approximately 6.5 million people in the United States and 1-3% of the global population has an intellectual disability (American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)
– In the U.S., about 74.6 million people have some physical disability (John Hopkins Medicine. “Statistics of Disability.” 2013)
– The population of people with different disabilities in the United States. Hearing Difficulty: 316,450,569; Vision Difficulty: 316,450,569; Cognitive Difficulty: 296,658,475; Ambulatory Difficulty: 296,658,475; Self-Care Difficulty: 296,658,475; Independent Living Difficulty: 242,958,638 (Census Bureau)
– 3.8 million U.S. adults aged 21-64 are blind or have trouble seeing, even with glasses. (a 2018 study)
– More than 466 million people worldwide have a hearing disability. (the World Health Organization)
– 98% of the world’s top one million websites don’t offer full accessibility. (WebAIM)
– 60% of screen reader users feel that web content accessibility is getting worse. (WebAIM’s Screen Reader survey)
– 71% of website visitors with disabilities will leave a website that is not accessible. (an article published by Forbes)
– One study found 815,600 WCAG compliance issues among Fortune 100 companies. (An accessibility compliance report by Ovum)
– Companies without ADA-compliant websites are turning down a share of a $1.2 trillion market.
– Around 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability.

These people are the ones who face problems accessing websites, even with a simple user interface, which can be solvable easily with the use of the right tool.
We have to solve this problem because more than 1 billion people cannot access your website. And we have just the solution for you.
You can make your website disability-friendly in a day with the help of Able Websites.
Able Websites help your website to be disability-friendly in just a few steps and under 24 hours.
Because when companies are adapting to this market, they improve customer experience, strengthen customer relations, and help foster brand loyalty at a much higher stage and in an ethical way.


Deepa Chawla

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